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Gold Dealer

It’s very common for people to find boxes with family heirlooms, unworn gold jewelry and forgotten sterling silver flatware in their homes. However, these items are not being fully appreciated. Instead, they are gathering dust and simply taking up valuable space. Stop holding on to these pieces indefinitely, and bring them to Marlow’s Fine Jewelry for a cash offer.

Your Gold Is Valuable – Your Platinum is Valuable – Your Sterling Silver is Valuable  

Gold, Platinum, and Sterling Silver are some of the few precious metals that are consistently increasing in value. They can be found in many items, including jewelry, watches and coins. At Marlow’s Fine Jewelry, we are always ready to buy your gold. If you have unused jewelry and other treasures around your home, why not bring them to us for a free evaluation to see what your items are worth and make some money from it?

We accept all types of gold, platinum, sterling silver, European gold, yellow, white and rose, gold filled and even gold plated jewelry. It doesn’t matter the karat or condition, we are still interested in taking it off your hands. Bring us your large pieces, broken items, or fragments for review. We will weigh and measure your items to figure out how much your gold collection is worth. Many people have an assortment of items that have been collected for years. Marlow’s will take the time to sort and evaluate the worth of your items- at no charge to you.

Top Dollar for Your Gold

We are experienced gold buyers, and we treat our customer’s right at Marlow’s Fine Jewelry. With over 40 years in the jewelry industry, we know how to properly price your pieces according to the current market rates. Trust the store that always gives you more. You won’t get a better recovery on your valuables anywhere else.

When you bring your gold and valuables to us, it will be appraised by one of our experts. We will then make you a cash offer on the spot. You can also trade in your gold value for credit in our store towards a new favorite piece, or apply the value toward repairs. The choice is yours!

Our jewelry appraisal services and offers are sure to impress you. We want to buy your gold unused valuables, and we are willing to make you an extremely fair deal and the time is now to sell your unwanted items. We give our customers the best possible recovery for their precious metals and valuables. All our evaluations are provided free of charge, and there is no obligation to accept our offer.

Willing to Buy Your Treasures

With years of experience in estate jewelry we also buy a variety of other pieces at Marlow’s Fine Jewelry. Bring us your family heirlooms, old estate pieces or unwanted jewelry, and we’ll let you know what they’re worth. The Marlow’s staff will make you a great offer for your valuables.

If you are looking to sell gemstones, look no further. We are always looking to purchase diamonds, emeralds sapphires, rubies and more!
You will get expert evaluation of you Diamonds and Gemstones. With G.I.A. trained staff to evaluate your diamonds of all shapes, size, cut, and color. We are also colored gemstone experts and can test your stones and unknown items to identify them for you. We pay the highest dollar recovery on your stones. We also offer consignment of your items which can be an even better recovery.

In addition to gold, we also purchase other types of precious metals, including platinum and silver. We also buy gold filled and gold plated items. Bring in your rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, silverware and coins. We are always looking to purchase just about anything, such as domestic coins, foreign coins, broken chains, loose stones, pearls, vintage pieces, pins, dental metal and more. We buy them all!

Personalized Experience

You are guaranteed a highly personalized experience at all times at Marlow’s Fine Jewelry. Our staff will make sure you are completely comfortable during your appraisal. Feel free to schedule a private appointment or visit us in our store.

We will always handle your items with care during your evaluation. You’ll never feel pressured to sell to us. We are confident, however, that you will get the best offer from our gold experts.

At Marlow’s Fine Jewelry, we want to buy your unwanted valuables. Don’t let them gather dust around your house any longer. Instead, bring them to us for an upfront and fair cash offer. You can walk out the same day with money in your hands.

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