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Salmon are a valuable resource in Issaquah, WA. Every year, thousands of salmon are hatched in the city. These fish are unique in the fact that they live in both fresh and saltwater. After they are born, salmon leave their home to travel to the ocean water. Once a year, they return again to their home waters. Their return is a cause for celebration in the city, which has become a festival known as the Issaquah Salmon Days.

History of Salmon Days

The very first Salmon Days festival was held in 1970. It was introduced to the city by the Greater Issaquah Chamber of Commerce. The festival celebrates the salmon returning home after a year long journey. Residents celebrate with many events, including arts and crafts, hatchery tours, and a children’s parade. Since the first festival, it’s become an annual tradition.

When Is Salmon Days?

Salmon traditionally return to their home waters in the beginning of the fall, so it is fitting that Salmon Days take place during this time of the year. The city of Issaquah, WA holds their Salmon Days festival the first weekend of October every year. The event always begins at 10am on Saturday and runs until 6pm on Sunday. Families from all across the city, as well as many tourists, come for the huge festivities.

What Happens During Salmon Days?

The entire city looks forward to celebrating their history and heritage during the annual Salmon Days in Issaquah, WA. Vendors from all over the state provide food, souvenirs and other goods for the event. It’s a family-friendly festival, and people of all ages are sure to have an amazing time.

Kids look forward to the field of fun. The city provides many activities for young children, including a mini-train ride, a toy making workshop, and giant inflatables. Each activity is sponsored by a local business in town.

There is always plenty of food during Salmon Days. Restaurants from all over rent booths to sell their favorite dishes. You’ll find everything; from fresh seafood, to decadent desserts. It’s wise to come hungry to the festival!

Of course, no festival is complete without a giant parade, and the Salmon Days Grande Parade doesn’t disappoint! Hundreds of participants show off their floats, musical talents and costumes during this highly anticipated parade each year.

Why Are the Salmon Days Important?

Salmon are not just a valuable commodity for Issaquah, WA, but they are also important to all of nature. When salmon first leave their birthing grounds, they travel out to the ocean. At the end of the year, they must return to their original home to lay their eggs. This means that they will swim upstream for their entire journey back to Issaquah Creek.

During this strenuous journey, salmon release nitrogen, which helps trees and plants to thrive. They also absorb excess carbon dioxide out of the environment. This is very important for all living creatures. The Issaquah Hatchery is dedicated to protecting salmon by saving their natural environment.

The best time to visit Issaquah, WA is in early October in order to visit the Salmon Days festival. Not only will you enjoy a few days of fun and celebration, but you will also learn why salmon play such a vital role to the survival of all living creatures. Homepage


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